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There is a growing problem in the world today, including Hungary, in terms of labor shortages and mobility. Lack of mobility, among other things, is also increased by the adherence to ones property. There is a growing need for buildings that can be easily mobilized if needed. However, the tools and buildings typically used for this purpose do not represent a complete solution. They do not provide the same or even similar housing quality as traditional buildings.

You have to give an appropriate response to a modular building system that eliminates the problems of already common systems (eg mobile homes, containers).

The containers mentioned above are tight, have a high headroom, and have no heat or sound insulation. Although the system we designed is designed from container-like modules, it does offset and further develop its faults.

Modular houses

Our modular houses are not lightweight and therefore more resistant to external environmental changes (heat, sound insulation). The buildings can accommodate 48 people, fully furnished and equipped with mechanized facilities. Therefore, they are perfectly suitable for long-term life, not just as temporary accommodation. Dormitories, apartment houses, or even full-fledged homes can be built from our modular homes.

Standardization was one of the most important aspects of house design, so manufacturing and assembly is quick and smooth, with minimal chance of error. Due to the serial production, the quality of the buildings is higher and more uniform than with the individual solutions.

The planned modules and building parts can be assembled in many ways, and they can also be a one-storey or double-storey block. After demolition, the screws can be recovered, so the area can be easily recultivated in case of demolition and transfer of the building, demolition and relocation can be solved with minimal waste.

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